GgarfielD Wallpaper Pack

GgarfielD Wallpaper Pack

A collection of 25 wallpapers for your desktop


  • Varied pictures
  • Specially selected for desktop backgrounds


  • Only one resolution available
  • Unequal quality


Finding the perfect image to use as background for your Desktop is not always that easy. This is why I was glad to find this collection with two dozens of pictures that have been specially selected to be used as wallpapers.

This means that you'll have plenty of room for your icons and still be able to enjoy the image itself.

Photos are varied in topic, ranging from landscapes to compositions and abstract designs.

I personally found some of them to be excellent, while others didn't seem to match the same quality criteria. Plus, they all come in a single resolution (1152x864) when wallpaper packages usually include more than one.

This pack of wallpaper images have been especially selected by their own author from his personal collection as the most suitable ones to be displayed in your Desktop.

GgarfielD Wallpaper Pack


GgarfielD Wallpaper Pack

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